Affordable Web Design is not just about a pretty website, its about showing the world your brand in a clear, concise and usable manner.

At Rua Digital Media we create quality websites, tailored to your needs. We are passionate about affordable web design and recognise the importance of creating a great first impression with the user, giving them an easy to navigate website that will keep your potential customers from leaving your site and searching for your competitors.

  • How much does a website cost?

Well, the answer is: it varies. Our basic one page websites start at just €500.

  • What is a one page website?

Simply put, a one page website is a single page website that utilizes just one web page. Most one page websites do have menu bars like your average, run-of-the-mill website. Yet rather than transport you to different  pages, selecting a menu item merely drops users down to a section somewhere on the site’s single page. This makes it easier for your users to navigate and avoids confusion. One page websites are quicker to deploy and generally easier to maintain.

  • What if I want something more?

If you’re looking for more, Rua had many other options so feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more.

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    Why do I need a website?

    Many small businesses, especially new small businesses, run a lean operation. They focus on necessities and urgent matters, only spending money when they need to. So, it’s easy to see why some business owners might think a website is a luxury item they can afford to live without.

    They might even believe a Facebook page is enough for an online presence, or that a sign with their phone number will generate calls. But the truth is, the only way to start promoting a business is by building a professional website.

    An effective website is the cornerstone of your company — it houses important information, and your customers expect you to have one.

    Your website acts as a portal so customers can learn more about your company, as well as research product information and determine if they want to do business with you. If you’re a small business owner, you need to realize that a website isn’t an expensive luxury or a frivolous endeavour — it’s an affordable, fundamental tool that every company needs.

    1. A website is the anchor for your marketing.
    2. A website sells your products/services online.
    3. A website helps you connect with new customers.
    4. A website has big benefits for local businesses.
    5. A website builds credibility.
    6. A website helps you control your online destiny.
    7. Websites are simple and affordable to set up.

    Take my advice, small business owners — there are no more excuses. If you’re putting off building a website, you’re hurting your business. It’s time to get started!

    Convinced? Get started on your new website with Rua.